About JWG

Jonathan W Gemmell grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of Warrandyte, Victoria. From the age of 5, he was creating with his brushes and colours, with the passion of budding artist.

After completing high school, Jonathan pursued his love for the outdoors by obtaining a qualification in landscape design and construction, all while nurturing his dream of becoming a professional artist.

Jonathan’s artistic journey is a vibrant tapestry woven with bold colors and organic movements, reflecting the awe-inspiring landscapes that have shaped his life. His canvases are alive with the essence of nature, each stroke a testament to his deep connection with the world around him.

Supported by his loving family—three sisters and parents who fostered his artistic spirit—Jonathan’s creative aspirations were nurtured from a young age. Whether through painting classes or endless encouragement, his family provided the foundation for his artistic endeavors.

Now settled in his own home and garden, Jonathan shares his life with his wife, a talented interior designer, and eagerly awaits the arrival of their first child. Amidst the tranquility of nature, he finds inspiration for his larger-than-life artworks, each piece a visual journey inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the adventure of his creations.

Working primarily on large canvases, Jonathan builds layers of color and texture, mirroring the complexities of human emotions and life’s ever-changing landscapes. Just as nature evolves and grows, so too does Jonathan’s art, a reflection of his continuous exploration and growth as an artist and individual.